create splendid newsletters, send to your subscribers and measure with realtime statistics with a powerful yet simple online tool. Welcome to with MAIL and I

  • Design beautiful HTML emails.
  • Add your own content using a simple editor your granny could use.
  • Use your own template, one of our free templates or we can create a unique one for you.
  • Auto generated text only version of emails
  • Get your emails past popular spam filters. We ensure your emails are delivered.
  • Send personalised emails to all your all your subscribers or a subset of them.
  • Single click design and spam testing to ensure top notch deliverability.
  • Send immediatly, schedule for later or even resend old campaigns.
  • Add subscribe form for your site and have it submit directly to any of your subscriber lists.
  • Send more to save more.
  • View realtime reports of opens, clicks and bounces.
  • Google Analytics integration to track your sales and conversions.
  • We provide an arsenal of reporting tools at your fingertips.
  • Compare multiple campaign reports
  • See what email clients your email is being opened with
  • NO setup fees
  • NO monthly fees .. only pay when you send
  • Prepurchase credits
  • BIG savings for big senders
  • Just a flat delivery fee of €10 plus 2 cent for each recipient



get your emails noticed!

Almost ANY html file can be used as a basis for a HTML newsletter, however there are a few tricks to make your newsletter appear in all major email clients. When you add your own template and go to send it you can run a design and spam test to see how your template / design will look in the 20 most popular email clients. Handy eh!

Alternatively we can also create a template for you based on your branding, be it your literature suite or your current website and ensure that it looks correct to your clients.

Loading your email into the system is easy, you can load it from your desktop or input a URL of a web page. It really is that easy.

Free templates

When you set up an account with us, we will preload 5 templates (of your choice out of the 30 free templates available). You can use these or you can commission us to create a bespoke template for you. You also have the option of entering a default text version of the email that will be displayed to people who cannot read HTML emails, this way you don’t miss anyone. We will automatically generate a text only version for you for each time you send a newsletter.

We take all the hassles out of list management by handling the annoying things like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you've got a small list, or need to get your hands dirty with segmenting and personalisation, we've can assist!

Imagine being able to send personilised emails to people in different geographical locations or with different requirements... automatically!

For every list you create you can also create a different subscribe form for your website. All for no charge whatsoever. Contact us today for your free account setup




Preview your newsletter to see what it will look like in
ALL major email clients. You'll also be able to see how your newsletter will score in a SPAM filter test to make sure you get maximum delivery.

We do all the work for you so that you can ensure that your email campaign gets delivered and looks as good as it should to all your clients.

Also you can choose to send your newsletter immediately or even decide to schedule it for later...You could use this feature to send your campaign while you are at lunch, sitting in traffic or at the theatre!




...the fun part.. Warning, reload button can be addictive!

The moment your newsletter is sent you have access to a range of reports that show you exactly how your subscribers are interacting with it.

See who is opening it, what parts of the campaign they are interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, unsubscribed, bounced out or even marked it as spam.

Go beyond simple opens and link clicks and measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI with our Google Analytics integration. We even show you what email clients your subscribers are using.

Sending for clients? Export the reports you want and present them to your client for a look of wonder and amazement! .

powerful instant reporting

Statistics like open and click rates are useful for each newsletter, but it's when you start comparing results over time the data really shines. By looking at trends, our compare newsletter campaign report makes it easy to see exactly what is and isn't working in the emails you send.

By comparing stats like opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and even spam complaints, you can quickly see what content your subscribers find relevant, and just as importantly, what they don't.

Splendid... what else can i monitor?


The hardest part about designing emails is making them look great in the dozens of email clients out there. Our email client report makes that a thing of the past by showing exactly which email clients your subscribers are using.

When you combine this report with our design and spam testing service, you can generate screenshots of exactly how your design looks in all these email key clients with a single click. Save yourself time and frustration by only focusing on the email clients that matter.

Contact us for more information or help getting your template 'just right'

Email Client Usage report

Great... whats the damage?

When you use with MAIL and I pricing is really very simple — you only pay when you send an email campaign to more than 5 people.

  • No setup charges
  • No monthly costs
  • Just a flat delivery fee of €10, plus 2 cent for each recipient


To send an email to 500 people would cost €10 plus (500 x €0.02)
just €20 in total. Paying in another currency? No problem.
Let us know and we can set up your account in any other currency.

Whats the Damage?

Hey big sender!

We offer big discounts to big senders. If you’re a big sender or want to avoid lots of small transactions, we offer a pre-purchasing service where you can buy email credits in advance. You can use them any time you wish for and they never expire.

How you like them apples? If you have any more queries get in touch!

Number of credits


First 50,000

2 cent

Next 50,001 – 100,000

1.8 cents

Next 100,001 – 250,000

1.5 cents


just ask!


Pay with your own credit card when you go to send your first campaign. Or prepurchase credits which we will add to your account so that you can pay just once and keep sending newsletters until your credits run out. We will refund all non used credits.

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Now available on iPhone (and ipod touch, and other mobile devices!)

iphoneIt's fast, looks great and is available now. Just head to your account on any popular mobile device like an iPhone or Android and the mobile version will be shown by default. You don't need to install anything, because it is a web application, not a native phone application.

Here's a quick preview of how it looks on an iPhone.

One great thing about the iPhone is that you can launch web applications just like a traditional app you've bought from the App Store. By heading into your account with Safari and adding it to your Home screen, you have a dedicated button that will load your latest reports with a single click.

There is lots of cool technology under the hood of our mobile version, and we'll be sure to share some of the more interesting details in the future.

While the mobile version is all about your campaign reports right now, you can still switch to the full version of with MAIL and I and access all our functionality with a single click. At the footer of every page is a link to switch to the corresponding page in the full version of the app. We'll automatically switch you back to the mobile version the next time you log in. Enjoy!


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